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Are you an Entrepreneur or are you Entrepreneurial?

August 1, 2019

 Published on LinkedIn on August 1st, 2019


To many people, these two words are one and the same. But are they really? 


No, they are not.  


You can work for a company and be very entrepreneurial, which is to say that you can help a company grow their business as if it were your own.  


However, being an entrepreneur is something quite different altogether.  

An entrepreneur is someone who has conceived an idea, contributed their own capital for seed and / or advanced stage funding, and is the visionary and operational glue that ties the whole business together.  An entrepreneur literally takes a blank sheet and draws a portrait from scratch and combines that drawing with a high risk tolerance and live and breath the business they’ve founded.


Individuals with entrepreneurial traits typically join a company that is looking for self starters and can build a business from scratch but they will never face the same personal pressures as someone who has bet their own money on founding a business.  It’s a very different emotional involvement for someone who is an entrepreneur versus someone who is entrepreneurial.

Neither approach is better than other other and it all comes down to the unique personalities of the individual that defines how they will be successful in their careers.  Some people will never become entrepreneurs nor will they even have a chance to become entrepreneurial.  


True success is defined by how we value our own efforts to make a difference for what we are fighting for.  Becoming an entrepreneur or being entrepreneurial are both difficult skills to acquire without proper experience or personal disposition for high risk and self motivation.  


Who am I?  


I'm definitely an entrepreneur who became serial after multiple failed attempts.  I never tire of the excitement associated with starting up a business from scratch.  Although starting a business has now become muscle memory, the risk for failure will never diminish no matter how many times I dive into a new business venture.   It’s my high tolerance for risk and failure that brings me back to entrepreneurship over and over again.


Now the next question is… are you an entrepreneur or are you entrepreneurial?


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