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ICT Big Data Cooperative - Singapore (ATiS) / South Korea (KAIT / Kdata / KBD)

May 30, 2017

On May 26th, 2017 in Singapore, ATiS signed a strategic MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with KAIT / KBD (Korea Association for ICT Promotion / Korea BigData Forum) and Kdata (Korea Data Agency / Korea Big Data Forum).  Both KAIT and Kdata are government linked entities under South Korea’s Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning (MSIP). 


KAIT’s mandate is to assist Korean technology companies to explore business opportunities and partnerships outside of South Korea.  They do this through a portfolio of services related to events management, market research, business development, and professional consultancy engagements.  KBD is KAIT’s sub-division focused on Big Data related companies.


Kdata’s mandate is to provide strategic and operational guidance on growing the Big Data industry in South Korea.  They have an important mandate to establish and enforce industry standards and to facilitate and grow national and international Big Data initiatives through strategic partnerships with industry leaders. 


StrateValue participated in this event as an Executive Council member  of ATiS (Association of the Telecommunications Industry of Singapore).  We met with key individuals from both KBD and Kdata to discuss the Big Data industries in Singapore and South Korea.  In attendance were the following:



Mike Ang, President

Peter Hum, Vice-President

George Yong, Treasurer



Lee Junghyun, General Manager

Kim Young Sik, Senior Researcher



Chang Gi Young, Team Leader (KAIT) / Executive Secretary (KBD)

Cho Dong Kun, Chief Researcher (KAIT) . Manager (KBD)


Hangyang University

Ahmed Al-Anesi, MBA Candidate


Jennifer Kim, Korean Interpreter


The main objectives of the MoU are as follows:

  1. to develop strong institutional relations and to encourage on-going Big Data related dialogue with these institutions.

  2. to exchange the latest information on the general economic outlook, investment opportunities, trade policies and opinions related to the development of Big Data industries in both countries.

  3. to cultivate Big Data professionals by organizing enterprises and/or students from both sides to have exchange visits.

  4. to encourage enterprises in Singapore and South Korea to participate in Big Data-related exhibitions, industry fairs and forums held in each respective country.

  5. to promote cooperation between both sides with respect to Big Data topics (technical collaboration, standardization and online protection) and policy research.      










The meeting was capped off with a delicious lunch together at Sabai Thai Restaurant at Customs House. 



Moving forward, we, at ATiS look forward to continued cooperation with KAIT/KDB and Kdata to nurture and grow the Big Data industries in both countries!

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