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StrateValue's business is guided by two main principles:


First Principle


The first principle is to provide a business gateway, as a business accelerator, for innovative multinational companies looking to succeed in Asia Pacific.  With this business gateway, companies can confidently enter international markets and establish new business growth, increase global brand awareness, and meet business expansion objectives that will build and sustain shareholder value into the future.


Second Principle


The second principle is to promote the burgeoning areas of Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM) within Asia Pacific.  CLM consists of established disciplines such as Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). StrateValue aims to bring greater awareness and thought leadership through consulting and training to the financial and operational benefits of deploying these innovative solutions and services to the Asia Pacific market.




Peter Hum, Founder & Managing Director


Peter Hum is the founder and Managing Director of StrateValue Pte Ltd, a leading business accelerator and thought leadership firm based in Singapore.  With more than 24 years of international business and global telecommunications experience, Peter has held successive career roles ranging from technical, marketing, sales, executive management, and serial entrepreneurship across Asia and North America.  Aside from his industry experience in the Business Intelligence, Digital Services, and Education sectors, Peter has particular subject matter expertise within the field of Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM), a holistic discipline focused on complete financial telecom expenditure control within the enterprise sector.  Being an early pioneer within the CLM space in Asia Pacific,  Peter has contributed his vision and thought leadership to the growth of CLM over the past many years and have provided strategic and operational guidance to senior level executives in some of the largest multinational organisations in the region.


Previous to StrateValue, Peter founded the CLM services business for Eastcom Systems Pte Ltd in Singapore, a leading provider of telecom cost optimisation solutions in Asia Pacific. Prior to Eastcom Systems, Peter founded the Asia Pacific operations for Tangoe, the largest CLM vendor in the market.  He has also held senior level positions at Eicon Networks (now Dialogic) and has resided in Canada, China, Malaysia, and Singapore.


Peter is a member of professional associations such as Singapore Computer Society (SCS) and is a Vice-President at the Association of the Telecommunications Industry of Singapore (ATiS).  He is also an advisor on Telecom Expense Management (TEM) topics at Guidepoint Global Advisors..


Peter has been featured in leading Asian and industry IT publications and has spoken at major conferences on TEM in Asia.


He holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a specialisation in Management Information Systems (MIS) from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.


At StrateValue, we strive to become your business partner to achieve resounding success within the Asia Pacific region.  Particular emphasis is put into understanding your unique business growth ambitions and to establishing a close tight knit relationship between our respective organisations to guarantee mutually successful business outcomes.



Thought Leadership / Advisory Services


StrateValue's Thought Leadership / Advisory Services are designed to deliver strategic level insights into the current and future developments of the Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM) industry within the Asia Pacific region.  Vendors within the CLM industries looking to enter Asia Pacific and would like to more intimately understand the business landscape before making the commitment to deploy dedicated resources into the region would benefit greatly from StrateValue's Thought Leadership / Advisory Services.  Additionally, enterprises that would like to understand more about the impact of how CLM would benefit their organisation would gain value from these services as well.  Made up of a combination of personalised consultation hours together with fully customised business impact reports, we deliver in-region subject matter expertise that will ensure the right decisions are made in our client's Asia Pacific business expansion and business improvement plans.  The areas within CLM that we cover are as follows:


Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)


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Business Accelerator


StrateValue's Business Accelerator is designed to assist multinational companies looking to succeed in Asia Pacific by offering strategic and operational guidance.  Our seasoned team of business executives brings decades of experience in doing businesses around the Asia Pacific region and we are pleased to share this experience with to our clients who want to establish a direct presence or expand their business in Asia.



Asia Pacific Market Entry / Business Development Service


Multinational companies looking to enter or expand their business into Asia Pacific faces many unique challenges.  The diversity in cultures, languages, and legalities within the region makes conducting business in Asia daunting even for the most experienced business executive. With StrateValue's Asia Pacific Market Entry Service, we aim to be your trusted partner in delivering the timeliest and highest quality advice to mitigate any risks associated with setting up business operations in the region.


StrateValue's Asia Pacific Business Development Service is designed to accelerate our client's regional business efforts without the immediate need to establish a direct presence in the region.  With a clear understanding of our client's business and financial ambitions and leveraging Singapore as the regional operational base, we will dedicate in-region resources to deliver on established business targets.



Training Services


StrateValue offers training focused on Telecom Expense Management (TEM) in Asia Pacific:


  1. Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Training
    1. Learn the Fundamentals of TEM
    2. Learn How to Sell Strategic TEM
    3. Learn How to Build a TEM Strategy for Asia Pacific






StrateValue is continuously striving to deliver additional value to our clients in the form of new products and services.  To achieve this goal, StrateValue only partners with companies that have demonstrated strong business ethics combined with a track record of delivering sustained business value to their customer base.  We are proud to bring these partners into StrateValue's ecosystem of business alliances to deliver maximum value to our esteemed clients.

Established in 1986. ATiS champions industry issues on behalf of the Telecommunications industry in Singapore.


It seeks to provide a common platform for all members of the industry to interact, work together and position Singapore as a leading global InfoCommunications (ICT) hub.


For more information about ATiS, please visit http://www.atis.org.sg

With over 26,000 members, SCS' mission is to be the premier society for IT practitioners by adding value to their professional careers and personal development, to enable members to realise the grow of Singpaore's IT industry leadership in the region, and to be an IT voice for the community.


For more information about CTEMS, please visit http://www.scs.org.sg



About European Partner Solutions


To grow your products and services business in Europe, you need an experienced local partner to help you succeed. So whether you are making your first steps into Europe or want to accelerate your existing market presence, European Partner Solutions provides consulting and support services that harness over forty years of European business development and marketing experience. To achieve your European growth ambitions European Partner Solutions can help you with:


Business and Channel Development

Public Relations and Social Media support

Marketing and Communications

With its many nationalities, languages, traditions and business cultures, Europe is a diverse and challenging market. But with the largest collective economy in the world it will reward the right planning, investment and strategy with high returns. European Partner Solutions will help you deliver on the opportunity that is Europe!


For more information about European Partner Solutions, please visit http://www.eu-partner.com



Press Releases


We offer a selection of industry articles and self education briefings that highlight the value of Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM).  We will update this section with more articles in the near future.


Industry Articles


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Self Education Briefings


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